Job Description

Embry Health is seeking a Vaccine Program Manager to join our team. The Vaccine Program Manager is responsible for coordinating, planning, training, and implementing program activities related to vaccine programs.

The following qualifications are preferred:

  • Bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration or related field
  • 1 year of experience in a management position
  • Experience working with or supporting vaccine programs

This position has the following supervisory responsibility:
May occasionally provide direction, training, or guidance to others.
Reports to the Director of Operations

The ideal candidate will also possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Knowledge of state and federal regulations and reporting requirements for vaccines and vaccine programs such as Vaccines for Children (VFC).
  • Proficiency with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology as related to vaccines.
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Must be able to create a program and processes from the ground up.
  • Ability to be create and develop instructional learning tools.
  • Ability to adapt to a range of learning styles and needs.
  • Knowledge of project management processes.
  • Strong writing skills include organized expression of information, professional tone, proper formatting, and audience-appropriate style.
  • Ability to maintain trainee engagement and build rapport in a group setting.
  • Computer proficient, to include Microsoft Office applications.
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work independently.
  • Strong problem-solving ability in both planned and unplanned situations.
  • Excellent customer service, organization, and communication skills with emphasis on responsiveness, building trust, mutual respect and courtesy.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the quality assurance through daily operations of Embry Health vaccination sites.
  • Continually maintains knowledge of and ensures compliance with proper vaccine management, storage, and handling.
  • Complies with Federal, State and local legal requirements by studying existing vaccine legislation, new legislation, and anticipated future legislation.
  • Oversees the Flu Vaccine distribution program and all processes and procedures related to the vaccine clinic(s).
  • Ensures procedures are established and implemented for vaccine viability when out of a normal storage container during vaccine clinics.
  • Trains and evaluates Embry Health management and clinical staff on adhering to vaccine related requirements.
  • Completes unannounced on-site audits at Embry Health sites to validate their physical compliance of vaccine handling in compliance with vaccine requirements.
  • Conducts random audits of vaccine logs to ensure correct vaccine stock was used and ensures accuracy of inventory.
  • Audits clinical staff's documentation of vaccine lot numbers comparing the vaccine logs, patient's EMR, and ASIIS.
  • Audits electronic downloads of Embry Health data to ensure refrigerator and freezer temperatures are maintained within ADHS requirements.
  • Produces audit reports with recommendations for noted deficiencies.
  • Provides appropriate follow-up and action plan on audit reports to ensure required program changes and processes are properly implemented to the Director of Operations.
  • Collaborates with Director of Operations and clinical staff to ensure audit deficiencies are properly addressed and brought into compliance.
  • Maintains cooperative relationships among members of the different departments by communicating information, responding to requests, building rapport, and leading or participating in problem-solving activities.
  • Represents Embry Health by promoting programs and contributing to community programs.