About the Program Director position

We are looking for a Program Director to help us with a large set of our programs, to ensure each one will be delivered successfully and add the highest possible value to our company. Your duties will include delivery and overall supervision of all programs, supervising managers and reporting on progress and performance.

You should possess a broad knowledge of program management principles. Also you should have a strategic mindset as well as be able to lead and develop subordinates.

Program Director responsibilities are:

  • Organize the work all program and project managers, provide feedback and resolve complex problems

  • Review and develop goals for programs according to company's strategic objectives

  • Perform planning of the programs involving deadlines, milestones and processes

  • Manage budgets and operations

  • Research for opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity of procedures and people

  • Implement change, risk and resource management principles when needed

  • Monitor performance and develop optimization measures

  • Receive reports from managers and evaluate progress and issues

  • Oversee the compliance of program operations and activities with legal guidelines and internal policies

  • Report to senior management on results, problems and suggestions

Program Director requirements are:

  • 3+ years' experience of working on a Program Director or other relevant position

  • Profound experience in program and project management, as well as in data analysis, reporting and budgeting

  • In-depth knowledge of performance evaluation techniques and key metrics

  • Good practical experience with MS office and program management software (such as Basecamp, MS Project etc.)

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills, with business-oriented thinking

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with good strategic ability

  • Good communication skills

  • BSc or BA diploma in management or other relevant area; MSc or MA degree will be a bonus

Pay $100,000 - $150,000